Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Turkeys & Bees, oh MY!

Farm fresh eggs,goat milk goat butter,cheese, and the most amazing Cajeta!

Located in the foothills of Colorado!

Welcome to Blue Aspen Farm

Come and check out our awesome farm in Bailey, Colorado! We’ve got a bunch of great products that are fresh and sustainable, all produced with ethical farming practices. Join our community today and get some of the best farm-to-table goodness around. Contact us anytime to get started on your journey towards wholesome, high-quality farm products that you can count on.

Where Nature's Bounty Flourishes


Our friendly goats provide companionship and assistance on our farm, offering milk, meat, and a touch of charm to our daily operations.

Icelandic Sheep

Hardy and versatile, our Icelandic sheep contribute luxurious wool, lean meat, and a picturesque presence to our pastoral landscape.

Farm Fresh Eggs

From quail, chickens, turkeys, and ducks, our farm-fresh eggs bring unparalleled flavor and nutrition to your table, sourced from our happy and healthy flock.

Honey Bees

Our industrious honey bees pollinate our fields and produce delicious honey, enriching the biodiversity of our farm and beyond.

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Very nice farm, great people, happy animals! I have been using the soap and love that it hydrates my skin so I don't need lotion after showering. I also had the eggs and there's no comparison to regular, store bought - so much more taste and nutrition. Great work, Blue Aspen! Nice to have a local resource bettering the community!
Anca Kuns
Anca Kuns

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